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To dream that you find yourself abandoned, suggests that you will have difficulty in constructing your plans for a successful future.

Abandoning children, foretells that you will lose your fortune by lack of judgment.

If you abandon your love, you will fail to recover a lost valuable. Abandoning your business, suggests upsetting circumstances in which there will be quarrels and suspicion.
If you abandon a mistress, you will have an unexpected inheritance.

If you abandon your religion, you will come to grief by your attacks on prominent people.

To see yourself or friend abandon a ship, foretells business failure, but if you escape to shore your interests will remain secure.


For a young female to dream of a abbess, suggests that she will be doomed to perform unwanted tasks, and will comply to authority only after unsuccessful rebellion.

To dream an Abbess is smiling, suggests you will be surrounded by honest friends.

Abdomen To see your abdomen in a dream, denotes that you will have great expectations, but you must curb your ego and work twice as hard. Seeing your abdomen with blood, anticipates an accident or tragedy in your family.

Seeing your abdomen swollen, you will have troubles, but you will soon overcome them and enjoy profits of your hard work.

Seeing a child's abdomen in an unhealthy state, foretells you may become ill. Seeing your abdomen shriveled or small, foretells that you will be challenged by false friends.


To dream of an abortion embodies ongoing situations in your life that have been rejected or dropped. An abortion may be a sign of fear and pressure.


To dream that you are abroad, or going abroad , denotes that you will soon have a pleasant trip with another party.


If you abuse a person in your dream it means unfortunate business affairs and money misfortunes.

To feel yourself abused, others will try to bring you down in your daily life.. For a young woman to hear abusive language, signifies that she will fall under someones envy towards her.

For a young woman to use abusive language, she will cross paths with unexpected people that may fill her with remorse for her past social situations.


Visiting an academy in your dream suggest that you will regret life paths which you have turned down.

If you own, or are a student in in one, you will defeat your goals.


To dream of speaking with an accent symbolizes how you perceive yourself to be. To dream of a negative situation, reflects self delusions.

To dream of a positive situation, promotes higher standers of thinking and intelligence.

Accident To dream of an accident, you must avoid any traveling for a short period of time.


When drinking acid in a dream, denotes a lot anxiety come your way. For someone else drinking acid in your dream, denotes that a current plan will turn into an unwanted self trap.


Seeing acorns in your dream, foretells a fortune and happiness in the near future.
To dream about picking up acorns from the ground, foretells much success in tiring business ventures.

To dream that you are shaking a tree full of acorns, foretells that your nearest wish will come true. To dream that you are eating acorns, foretells that you will have a promotion in your current career.


To dream of acrobats, foretells that you will overcome a situation that was illegal in someway.

To dream of yourself as an acrobat, denotes that you still have things to learn to get to where you need to be.


To dream that you are apart of some adultery, denotes that you will become involved in some illegal situations.

This dream also signifies sexual wanting and scandals coming out in the open.


To dream of being afraid to do something, foretells a troubled home and career. To dream that someone else is afraid, denotes that a friend may not be able to complete a favor for you, due to personal consequences.


To dream of yourself as a kid, foretells near sickness and anxiety. To dream of yourself much older, denotes a bad love life and stress.


To dream of an airplane suggests new projects which will become successful.

To dream of a falling airplane, your current plans will fail.

To dream of flying on an airplane, foretells that you will have a near trip planned.

Alarm Bell

To hear an alarm bell suggests that you are over analyzing a situation.


To see an alien in your dream suggests that you have to explore outside your current lifestyle.


To dream of an alligator suggests that you must be careful who to trust.


To dream of almonds, denotes that after a short period of grief you will have success .

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