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To dream of a crying baby suggests an unhappy and ill lifestyle.

To see a clean baby, foretells a home full of love and good friends.

Baby Carriages

To see a baby carriage in your dream suggests that you will have a surprise with the help of some good friends.


For a women to see a bachelor in your dream suggests that a male figure will enter your life. For a man to see a bachelor suggests that he should not date too many women.

an enemy wants to hurt you.


To dream that you or someone else is baking, foretells a special event or gathering will soon come up.

To dream that you or someone else has trouble baking, foretells delays will arise.


To dream of an empty balcony, foretells that you will hear bad news from a friend.


To dream of yourself or someone else bald, foretells fear and age anxiety.


To dream of yourself dancing in a ballet signifies a good omen. To dream of others dancing in a ballet suggests that you need to watch your health.


To dream of a banana tree, foretells luck in a small situation. To dream that you are eating bananas, foretells a period of heavy labor, but a reward will be expected at the end. To dream of spoiled bananas, foretells that your friends will let you down.


To dream of a banquet, foretells happiness and love in your family. To dream of an empty banquet it suggests to watch out for conflicts arising.


To see yourself or someone else walk around barefoot it suggests that your expectations will be lowered and you will have a hard time pushing forward due to negative energies.


To dream of a baseball, foretells that you will be popular to your peers around you by your positive attitude towards things.


To dream you are holding a basket that is full, indicates a good omen. To dream of holding a basket thats empty indicates sorrow.


To dream of a bath, foretells a form of cleansing that you are yearning for in life. You may be undergoing a period of change. To dream that you want to take a bath, but you can't it foretells that people around you aren't allowing you to cleanse your soul.

To dream of taking a warm bath, foretells an evil energy. To dream of taking a cold bath, foretells amazing future health.


To dream of beans signifies a bad omen. To dream of eating beans suggests misfortune and illness of a good friend. To dream of growing beans, foretells that you will have a lot of worries.


To dream of a beaver indicates that your patience will pay off. To dream of skinning a beaver you will be accused of fraudulent happenings to benefit yourself.


To dream of a clean bed indicates a peaceful life. To dream of sleeping in a bed, foretells that opportunities come to you for a better future. To dream of laying down on a bed, foretells a visitor coming into your life. To dream of your husband in a broken down bed, foretells a loss and depression.


To dream of beer indicates certain disappointments.


To dream of bees or a beehive indicates pleasant earnings. Dreaming of a bee overhead indicates moving a level higher than most people. To dream of a bee stinging you, foretells a sudden loss or betrayal.


To dream of being beheaded signifies a bad omen followed by failure and death.


To dream of a healthy belly indicates an insane passion for something. To dream of something moving in your belly indicates shameful humiliation.


To dream of a belt indicates engagements with strangers which will destroy your morals of prosperity. To dream of buying a belt indicates ones protection of his or her own intelligence or prosperity.


To see a negative dream about a bible, foretells false testimony,slander, and temptations. To see a positive dream about a bible, foretells a recovery from a disease.


To see yourself riding a bicycle in your dream, foretells bright choices and opportunities. To see yourself riding uphill signifies a positive omen.

Bird's Nest

To dream of an empty bird's nest, foretells future business despair. To dream of a filled bird's nest, foretells satisfactory compromises and success.


To dream of celebrating a birthday, foretells good will.

Birthday Present

s To dream of positive birthday presents, foretells that you will accomplish some of your most desired goals.


To dream of a black smith suggests that your daily stressful work situation will work out to your advantage.


To dream of a white blanket, foretells that your of failure will turnout to be favorable.


To dream of you or someone else is bleeding signifies an omen of death and tragedy.


To dream of blossoms suggests that financial prosperity and happiness is near for you.


To dream of blushing signifies stress in your life over situations/ rumors that are made up.


To dream of bones signifies secrets and ancient mysteries.


To dream of books, foretells near prosperity and respect.

When dreaming of old books, you need to try to block out any negative energies in your life before they take over you.


To see a vibrant bouquet signifies a great life path. To dream of a shriveled bouquet signifies sickness and death.

Bow and Arrow

To dream of shooting a bow and arrow signifies disappointing business plans.


To dream of finding a bracelet signifies an unexpected estate will come your way. To dream of losing your bracelet, foretells a bad omen of loss.


To dream of fully blossomed branches, foretells wealth and good company. Dreaming of dehydrated branches, foretells bad news and remorse.


To dream of bread baking signifies a good omen. To see yourself eating the bread , denotes that you have good friends. To see yourself eating white bread, foretells prosperity. To see yourself eating dark or warm bread signifies ill health and financial loss.


To dream of a red or brown brick suggests that you may have some unsettled business and romance disputes.


For a woman to dream of being a bride, foretells that all her hopes may come true.

To dream that you kiss the bride signifies happy gatherings and peace between friends.

For a married women to dream that she is getting married to someone else signifies that she is unhappy with her current life situation.


To dream of a fallen bridge, foretells an intense loss of one of your most prized possessions. To dream that a bridge falls before you step on it, warns you of false admirers.

To dream that you easily pass a bridge, foretells that you will overcome any obstacle.


To see a new broom in your dreams, foretells fast improvement to your favorable future. To dream of a used broom, foretells that a certain opinion of yours will fail to prove. To dream of a broker broom , denotes that a dishonest friend of yours will reveal his or her self.


To dream of being in a brothel signifies that people will look at your character in shame.

To dream of you hair being old or dry warns that you need to watch out for ill health.


To dream of tall or large buildings , denotes that you will have a life of exploration and trips. Dreaming of new or small houses suggests that you will be happy and have a good financial situation.

Dreaming of a old or dirty building, foretells an omen of ill health in business and love.


To dream of a bull, foretells that you have a guardian or protector. To dream that a bull is charging toward you, foretells unfair business competitions filled with envy. If a women sees a bull in her dreams, foretells a soon marriage proposal. To dream of a white bull, foretells enlightenment and gains of higher light.

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