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To dream of that you are in a cab, means that you will have enjoying hobbies that lead to median prosperity.

To speak to Christ, means that compassion will be directed towards you. Also notice the message in your dream, it can have a key place in your life.


To dream of a vibrant holy church, means that your luck is being guarded. To dream of seeing a church far away, means a venture that will fall below your standards.


To dream of an unknown city, means that an occasion will change your life style. This dream isn't favorable.


To dream of seeing your self climbing up a mountain or hill and reaching the top indicates success and prosperity. You will win all of your enemies. To dream of falling down a hill or a mountain, means that your current plans are in danger. To dream of going up a ladder, means success in business.

To dream of someone else crying, means that you will be needing someones help in the near future.


To dream of crystal, means a lady will approach you today. To dream of breaking a crystal, means a friendship will soon come to an end.


To dream of curtains, means that you will have an unwanted visitor. To dream of torn curtains, means angry arguments in your household.

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