To dream of an eagle flying above you, means that you will reach your desires.

To dream of killing an eagle symbolizes that you will kill all of your obstacles.


To dream of an elevator always indicates an omen of ill luck, failures, and delays.


To dream of an envelope indicates important news will come your way.


To dream of that your are being envied, means that a friendship of yours is in trouble.To dream of that you envy someone, means that you will be making up too many excuses


To dream of escaping from a tragedy, means that you will escape from ill health and you will be able to align your business life. To dream of failing to escape a disastrous situation, means that you will be put in danger by your enemies.


To dream of an explosion, means business displeasures and money loss. To dream of dark smoke and debris in the air foretell social oppositions.


To dream of an eye, means that you must be careful, watch your back, and eliminate your enemies. To dream of blue eyes, means a persons inability to complete a task. To dream of brown eyes, means that you will be mislead.

To dream of a one eyed man, means a threatening situation. To dream of an injured or removed eye, means troubled waters.


To dream of eyebrows, means an evil delay in your near future.

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