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To dream of fainting, means that you will hear of an illness in your family,


To dream of a fairy, means great pleasure in your life. A fairy is always a good omen towards any situation.


To dream of falling, means that you will go through hard times. To dream of keeping yourself up, means that you will rise to your goals in the future.


To dream of a loving and peaceful family, means that you will have a content life along with good health. To dream of an ill or poor family, means that your life will become confusing yet disappointing.


To dream of a fork, means separation and unhappiness.


To dream of that you see a clear fountain, means much enjoyment and adventure. To dream of a polluted fountain, means unhappy love affairs. To dream of an empty or broken fountain, means a death.


To dream of that you are defrauding someone, means guilty pleasure that you will be shamed with. To dream of accusing someone of stealing from you, means that you will be requested something of higher honer.

To dream of being defrauded, means a careless enemy will try to hurt you causing you much loss.


To dream of looking at your freckles in a mirror, means that you will lose your love to a competitor.


To dream of ripened fruit, means a blessed future. To dream of eating ripe fruit, means chancy fortune coming your direction. selling fruit, means that business is not very productive.


To dream of a funeral, means an ill child and upsetting news. To dream of a relatives funeral, means accidents and family troubles. If you dream of a relatives funeral you must warn them to be careful the next couple of days.

To dream of wearing all black while attending a wedding for a female, means that you will soon become a widow.

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