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To dream of yourself covered in hair, means that you may be doing something that will push you away from civil society. For a man To dream of that has black hair with curls, means that he will betray someone using his charming personality.

To dream of someone you love in red hair, means that they are being unfaithful. To dream of that you cut your hair near your scalp foretell that you will be very generous to a close friend.

To dream of that your hair is growing out beautifully, means joy and luxuries.

stick by his partner and will not get influenced by others opinions. To dream of that your hair is falling out, means that you will lose your fortune.

Hairy Hands

To dream of that you have hairy hands, means that your enemies are trying to delay your plans. This dream can also signify stress and anxiety in ones personal life.


To dream of seeing ham, means thats someone is being disloyal to you.

To dream of eating ham, means that you will lose something very beneficial and dear to you. To dream of that you are cutting large slices of ham, means that you know what to do in all counter situations.


To dream of beautiful hands, means that you will enjoy your features. To dream of injured hands, means that someone will get to one of your most desired accomplishments before you. To dream of ugly hands, means poor conditions and upsetting news.

household. To dream of that you own a luxurious house, means that you will leave your current home for a new and better home.

To dream of a burning house, means unexpected fortune.


To dream of that you are a housekeeper, means that your career will not give you much free time, but everything you accomplish will be recognized.


To dream of hunting , means that you are trying to achieve something delusional. To dream of hurting a person while hunting, means that you will do sinful work that will injure someone.

To dream of that you are hurt, means that you enemies will beat you. To dream of that you are playing a hunters game, means that you will earn your aspirations and overcome difficulties.


To dream of hearing the sound of a raging hurricane, means you will go through a time of torture and failure. To dream of that your house is blow away by a hurricane, means that you will go through a bad life change.

To dream of dead and hurt people, means that you are stressing out to much about others.

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