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Ice Cream

To dream of that you're eating ice cream, means that something that you will agree on now will turn out to be very successful. To dream of eating sour ice cream, means that trouble will get in the way of your comfort.

To dream of children eating ice cream, means that you will have fortune along with happiness.


To dream of an illness, means that you need to be cautious of your domestic life.


To dream of incest, means feelings of shame towards family.


To dream of a new born infant, means near surprises for you.


To dream of that are given something by inheritance, means that you will easily get what you are wanting.


To dream of that you are injured, means that something unpleasant will ruin your mood.


To dream of that you are insane, means that something disasters will change your prospects.

To dream of insane people, means that you are suffering from never ending poverty and ill health.


To dream of an iron, means much distress. To dream of an old rusty iron, means extreme need of finances.


To dream of ironing, means good home and an organized business. To dream of a cold iron, means lack of domestic warmth. To dream of burning you hand on an iron, means that jealousy will shatter your comfort.


To dream of being on an island, means pleasant escapes. To dream of seeing an island, means that you will be calm after a time of much pressure to reaching your desires. To dream of others on an island, means that you want to go a level above others in your social sphere.


To dream of that you are itchy, means that you will use a foul mouth to defend yourself after being used by someone.

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