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To dream of a ladder being raised to a certain height, means that your energy will elevate you to a higher work position. To dream of falling from a ladder, means that your business transactions won't be successful.


To dream of a lake, means emotions being held back. To dream of a muddy lake, means that your business might be shut down.

To dream of looking in a lake and seeing your reflection, means that many enjoyments along with good company are in store for you. To dream of fishing in a lake, means that you will be meeting a bad female.

To dream of green lemons, means an illness. To dream of peeling a lemon, means that you will wisely escape surrounding danger.


To dream of Leopard skin, implies that an exploitative individual will hinder your hobbies.

Dreaming a confined Leopard, implies that somebody will attempt to damage you, yet fall flat at the attempt. To dream of that a panther assaults your, implies that what may appear as a stable future, may be cut around self abuse and battle

Dreaming discovering a letter, implies that you will soon wed a decent person. To dream of copying letters, implies that you will get to be preoccupied and merry. Dreaming tearing a letter, implies that you will get to be exceptionally

To dream of drinking liquor, implies that you will have indeterminate riches, yet your integrity will draw in great companions in your life.

To dream of purchasing liquor, implies that somebody will take your property and you will be feeble.

To dream of liquor in barrels, implies success, yet an unfavorable local life. to offer liquor to others, implies that you will be benevolent to your foes, however somebody may attempt to exploit your integrity.


To dream of a lock, implies you are extremely confounded and you are suppressing your feelings.


To dream of a lottery, implies that you will be separated of an unprofitable business and you will make unfavorable trips. To dream of that you are purchasing a lottery ticket, implies that you will be taking a risk.

To dream of that you win the lottery , implies a sudden fortune. Remember in the event that you see a positive long for lottery the numbers, you ought to utilize them within genuine living.

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