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To dream of eating macaroni, means that you will have small losses.

To dream of a lot of macaroni on your plate, means that you will save more then you spend.

Mad Dog

To dream of a mad dog, means that enemies will attack you and your friends. To dream of killing the dog that tries to attack you, means that you will not let rumors influence you and you will notice a financial increase coming your way.


To dream of magic indicates that you will be tempted and possibly deceived. To dream of that you successfully complete a magic trick, means that you will have an unexpected favorable surprise. To dream of a magician, means that you will cross paths with a seducer.


To dream of being in a mansion with big windows, means that you will have joy and wealth in store for you. To dream of seeing a mansion from a far, means that you will advance in the near future.

To dream of climbing a mansion, means that you will earn a very honoring position, career wise. To dream of a haunted mansion, means that you will have an unexpected loss.

To dream of eating poisonous mushrooms, means an illness.

To dream of gathering mushrooms, means that you will work hard labor and get little gain.


To dream of a white mustache, means near future happiness. To dream of that you have a mustache, means that your peers will lower your value of judgement and self.


To dream of mustard foretell poison. This dream can also indicates that you must watch out for enemies, they have set up traps for you.

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