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To dream of that you adore your naked body, means that you will clear your mind from stress. To negatively dream that you are naked, means that you will be tied to a scandal.

To dream of that you feel embarrassed of being naked, means that you will enter poverty.

To dream of swimming naked in muddy waters, means bad gossip and envy. To dream of swimming naked in clear waters, means that you will enjoy your love life.


To dream of a necklace, means an omen of happiness. To dream of seeing many necklaces, means that your ego will degrade your character and cause you pain. To dream of  not finding  a necklace, means a sense of death or misfortune. To dream of keeping many necklaces, means joy and happiness.


To dream of a needle, means an omen of warning.

To dream of threading a needle, means that others will annoy you by being alarmed by your every move. To dream of breaking a needle, means that you will be poor.


To dream of your neighbors, means that you will waste time talking about others.

New Year

To dream of a new year, means a good omen of fortune. To dream of New Years day, means that your happiness won't last long and you might find yourself thinking about past memories.


To dream of a nightmare, means declining health and business failures.


To dream of noodles, means bad choices lead by delusional desires. This dream isn't favorable.


To dream of a big nose indicates fortune and honors. To dream of a red nose, means an omen of ill health. To dream of a small nose, means that others may deceive you. This dream may also indicate ones weak death. To dream of a bleeding nose, means many disasters ahead.

To dream of a stuffy nose, means bad luck in your near future.


To dream of numbers, means uneasy conditions will enter your life.


To dream of a nurse in your home, means domestic illness. To dream of a nurse leaving your home, means a omen of good health. To dream of a nurse helping someone clear a bloody cut, means a short healing process.


To dream of eating nuts, means that you will earn great wealth no matter what career path you take. To dream of gathering nuts, means that you will have a great love life a new success in business.

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