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To dream of an oak tree indicates success,honor, and prosperity.

To dream of an oak tree filled with acorns, means that you will earn a raise or a promotion.


To dream of learning occultism, means that you will endure a lot for justice.


To dream of an ocean indicates a long journey ahead.


To dream of an office, means that you will win a prominent position. However, if you see a dirty office in a negative light, you will be hit with poverty or loss of a successfully earned position. This can also indicate bad news at work.


To dream of olives symbolizes wealth and fortune. To dream of buying an olive tree, means that you will date a high profiled person.

To dream of gathering olives, means unexpected pleasant surprises. To dream of someone you know who is currently ill and is eating olives, he will recover from the illness.


To dream of an onion indicates that a friend may let you down. To dream of eating an onion, means that sinister events will happen.

To dream of gathering onions in a big field, means that you will have many family disruptions at this time. They may be caused by you.


To dream of many oranges indicates blessed health and prosperity. To dream of eating an orange indicates an illness of a loved one or friend.


To dream of playing with an orchestra, means that many good times will await you in life. To drama of hearing an orchestra, means that you will be a strict humanitarian.


To dream of playing on an ouija board indicates an unlucky omen.


To dream of an owl, your are in danger of walking into a trap planted by your enemies. To dream of hearing an owl hoot, you or someone you know may be hit with an unexpected illness or even death.

To dream of a dead owl, you will barley escape danger.


If you dream of eating oysters, means that you are being sinful and you will stop progressing ahead. To dream of seeing many oysters, means that you will have many children in the future.

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