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To dream of paint indicates a yearning desire to change yourself and how others perceive you as.


To dream of seeing a normal palace indicates that an unexpected person will come back into your life. To dream of seeing an enchanted palace indicates that you will have good look in your current or future enterprises.

To dream of owning a palace, means that you will earn great power and be a great inspiration in society.

Palm Tree

To dream of Palm Tress indicate that you will have very happy situations in the future, just don't lose your faith.


To dream of your parents in a positive light, means that your relationship with them will still be very strong. To dream of your parents upset indicates that you may be feeling guilty of doing something that you believe they wouldn't be too proud of.


To dream of loud parrots, means that silly gossip will be spread around about you. To dream of a dead parrot, means that you may lose some of your friends. A parrot can also symbolize a liar or cheat.


To dream of pastry, means that someone will betray you. To dream of eating tasty pastries, means that a new person will be entering your life. This dream is a favorable omen.


To dream of pears, means that someone favorable will be returning into your life again. To dream of eating pears indicates an omen of ill health. To dream of an ill person eating pears, means his or her recovery is in progress.


To dream of a pelican, means that a business parter will let you down. To dream of catching a pelican, means that you will have the strength to over come your oppressing surroundings.


To dream of a pencil indicates a time of indulgence.


To dream of pennies indicates an omen of loss and business



To dream of many pirates, means that you will be surrounded by dishonest and deceitful friends. To dream of being a pirate, means that you may lose a prominent position in your social life.

To dream of a preacher walking away from you, means that you will see your projects in a new light and you will likely start something over again. 


To dream of a pregnancy indicates real life honors and success. To dream of that you are pregnant, means an omen of stress. This dream can also indicate that you will become pregnant in the near future.


To dream of a clear puddle indicates an omen of wealth. To dream of a muddy puddle, means a near disappointment.


To dream of a money purse, means near wealth and happiness.


To dream of pyramids, means that unexpected changes will occur in your life.

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