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To dream of white rabbits, means a near marriage or commitment. To dream of a rabbit indicates that you will receive a favorable gift.


To dream of being in a race symbolizes progress.To dream of winning a race, means that you will accomplish your desire.


If you dream of a railroad it indicates that you need to take sometime and watch your affairs carefully. To walk across railroad tracks, means that your career will tire you. To dream of walking on the tracks, means pleasing affairs.


To dream of a rainbow indicates a time of peace and unexpected change. This dream also indicates a marriage proposal.


To dream of rape indicates that you will suffer from betrayal and self oppression.


To dream of a razor indicates many oppositions will turn into immovable obstacles.


To dream of reading, means that you will overcome something that seemed treacherous from far away. To dream of others reading, means your social life will bring you many pleasant events.


To dream of going to a reception, means favorable affairs.


To dream of rocks, means that you will meet old friends, and that there will be discord and general unhappiness. To climb a steep rock,, means immediate struggles and disappointing surroundings.


To dream of being on a roof, means unlimited happiness and pleasant happenings. To dream of a roof falling, means an unexpected brawl and poor health situations. To dream of building a roof indicates that you will pick up pace on your progress.


To dream of running with a group, means that you will be invited to a favorable event. To dream of falling while running, you will lose your status in society.

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