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Vaccinate To dream of small children being vaccinated indicates a weak person that can't handle a situation.


To dream of eating vegetables, means unexpected good luck. For an ill person To dream of eating vegetables, he will recover from the illness. Rotten vegetables will bring misfortune.


To dream of wearing a veil, means near future success and prosperity. To dream of a black veil, means sorrow and upsetting news. To dream of a torn or old veil indicates a separation is near.

To dream of a red veil, means a hidden love affair.


To dream of veins indicate anxieties and daily fears. To dream of bleeding veins, means that you will be in a disastrous situations which you won't be able to escape. 


To dream of velvet indicates well executed plans and future progress.


To dream of being a victim, means that your enemies will over power you.


To dream of a violin, means a peaceful domestic life. To dream of a broken violin, means ill luck and separation.


To dream of a virgin , means lucky surroundings.


To dream of different voices indicates that you will hear some news in the near future. To dream of screaming voices, means many disputes and oppositions. To dream of hopeless and desperate voices, means near disaster.


To dream of a volcano, means disastrous events and disputes will surround you.

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