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To dream of a wagon indicates a depressing and argumentative partnership. To dream of riding a wagon , means that you must not make any

hasty financial decisions. To dream of a loaded wagon, means unexpected wealth is near.

To dream of going up hill, means that you will progress to make a good reputation for yourself. 


To dream of a waiter, means that you will make a new friend. To dream of being a waiter, means that someone is harmfully influencing your life. To dream of a waitress , means a near happy future.


To dream of walking in a spacious and eye pleasing locations, means great prosperity is coming your way.

To dream of walking in maze or a twisted path, means miscommunication, disputes, and confusion.


To dream of a wallet, means a big amount of money is coming your way. To dream of  not finding  a wallet, means that your secret will publicized. To dream of an empty wallet indicates near loss, poverty, and disappointments.

To dream of a stolen wallet indicates that your enemy will try to harm you.


To dream of a witch, means a threat. This dream can also indicate that you are in need of an adventure. To dream of speaking to a witch or hearing her chant a spell, means that you must be cautious throughout your day as bad things are expected.


To dream of a wolf, means that someone is using you and stealing your material. To dream of killing or shooting a wolf, means that you will defeat your enemies. To dream of hearing a wolf howl, means that you will be apart of a conspiracy.


To dream of woods, means that your affairs will change over time. To dream of fire in the woods, means that you need to pay attention to your health. To dream of dark woods, means danger. To dream of green woods, means great happiness and luck.

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